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Wink’s Magic Tale

Wink is a small red squirrel with a big problem. He cannot stop eating corn. He gets bigger and bigger until his head sticks out of the chimney of his Mistress Esther’s house.

Esther loves Wink but he is too big to stay at home. Before he leaves home Esther gives Wink a magic bag of corn seed.

Conflict breaks out in the community. The animals and birds love Esther because she uses her healing powers to care for them. But they do not want Wink. The corn chokes out the grass and clover the goats and sheep need to eat.

The Stag and Mamma Bear want to keep their young away from Wink, afraid that their offspring will pick up his “habit”. The thought of their children being chased by dogs, or shot by a farmer gives them chills.

Charlie Crow convinces the Wolves and Bears to drive Wink out of the Green Valley.

Wink disappears. Can Esther find Wink before the Wolves and Bears?

There are twists and turns with a surprise ending you don’t want to miss.

This story uses a fairy tale setting to explore the challenges in accommodating children with special needs.

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