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I am a writer and illustrator of children’s stories. I use my nature and travel photography as inspiration to write tales for children.

My books are subtitled “A Little Tale for Big People.”  I have chosen this because when a child learns to read, it is a big step towards independence. My books are written to help children make the transition from picture books to chapter books.

The books are lavishly illustrated with bright colourful illustrations, hand drawn and painted.

“Laurie writes lovely stories. With my son’s autism there are challenges getting him to read: he enjoys her paintings and books.” ~Feedback from Instagram, November, 2017

My stories are allegories which explore social issues which impact children. Children can also explore the world of animals and birds, while learning about geography, music and art.

Author and Illustrator Laurie Campbell

Author and Illustrator Laurie Campbell

Books by Storyteller Laurie

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